Athletes Guide
  • Team Members will be given a Team BEEF Oregon athletic jersey to wear during races
  • Compensation for at least one race entry fee during the course of the year, if criteria and responsibilities are met
  • One end of the season celebration party with other Team BEEF Oregon teammates with a delicious steak dinner
  • Submit an online application and profile picture to be used in the Team Profile section of the website.
  • Team Members must participate in at least 1 race per year and wear the Team Beef Oregon jersey.
  • Team Members must post at least once to social media. See social media guidelines/suggestions below.
  • Team members agree to take at least 1 module of Master’s of Beef Advocacy
  • Consider taking the 30-Day Protein challenge and journaling it on social media:
  • Must sign-off on the application waiver.
Social Media Guidelines
  • Follow @TeamBeefOregon on instagram
  • Tag #TeamBeefOregon in your instagram posts
  • Use the following hashtags: #fuelforthefinish, #teambeef #teamBeefOR, #powerfulprotein #beefitswhatsfordinner
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Use short facts like the ones listed on the resource page in your pre and post race posts.
  • On the resources page you will find logos for download, both png and jpg. The png have a transparent background.
  • You can download the free app called Watermark to watermark your Facebook and Instagram images with Team Beef Logos.


Checklist before reimbursement form
Have You?

Run a Race Wearing Your Shirt0

Posted to Social Media0

Liked the Team BEEF Oregon Facebook Page0

Followed Team Beef Florida on instagram0

Completed 1 module of Masters of Beef Advocacy0

Optional: 30 Day Protein Challenge0

Team BEEF Oregon Reimbursement Form
Members Only

Instagram:  teambeeforegon

Facebook:  <need Facebook link>