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Oregon Cattlewomen Officers
Wendy Bingham
Wendy Bingham, President

I was born and raised in southern Idaho in a family with agricultural stamina.  The love for the land and sustainability were important to my dad and he taught me those principles.  My younger years were spent learning how to work hard often times before the sun came up and after the sun went down.  I’m sure I complained then but the value of hard work, honesty, perseverance and managing money have helped me in my life.  My love in agriculture primarily drew me toward cattle and horses.

I attended Utah State University with a dual major in Agri-Business and Business.  I married Jake Bingham, while attending Utah State and after his graduation we moved on to ranch management in Dillon, Montana.  We spent 2 ½ years there and learned different ranching techniques and strategies from what we were both raised with.

We then had the opportunity to come back to Oregon and buy into a cow herd and forest service permit.  We jumped in both feet from the world of a regular paycheck and benefits to unknown territory.  It has definitely had its ups and downs along the way of owning our own herd but we have grown in the experience.

We have five children: Roper, Dallee Jo, Range, Brand and Hatlee.  They range in age from 14 to 2 years.  With them we enjoy lots of football, basketball, volleyball and baseball and somehow fit time in to get things done on the ranch with their help.

I joined the Baker County Cattlewomen shortly after we moved to Oregon and began to volunteer on different committees.  I was the Baker County Cattlewomen President in 2012.  In 2013-2014 I served as Oregon CattleWomen Secretary and then as President-Elect in 2015-2016.  I have and continue to enjoy my service in the cattlewomen organizations.  I’m thankful I was provided the opportunity to grow up in agriculture and continue to serve in the industry.

Jenny Coelho
President Elect
Jenny Coelho, President Elect

Jenny Coelho, the OCW President-Elect, is from Klamath County and resides in Langell Valley east of Bonanza.  Jenny was raised on a commercial cow calf, hay and grain ranch near Dairy, Oregon in the Swan Lake Valley. Her family also had a warm-up feedlot on the ranch in which silage was produced as feed and she spent many hours driving silage truck during the summer seasons when she was home from college.

Jenny is an Oregon State graduate in Agricultural Resources & Economics with an Animal Science minor.  Jenny first became an OCW member right after finishing college in 1985 and later served as the Klamath County President in 1993-1994.  Jenny has been serving on the OCW Bylaws committee over the past few years.  Her interest in the cattle industry started with her showing her first 4-H steer in 1974 and has continued even though she and her husband Tony have lived in California, Idaho, and Oregon over the last 26 years.  Agriculture has always been in the forefront for her and her family.

Jenny now serves as the Klamath County CattleWomen Treasurer and is the secretary for Klamath Cattlemen’s Association.  Jenny has a fun loving personality and likes to go out and get things done.  We are grateful to have Jenny on our officer team.

Mary Jo Davies
Area Vice President (East)
Mary Jo Davies, Area Vice President (East)

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Jena Ozenna
Area Vice President (Northwest)
Jena Ozenna, Area Vice President (Northwest)

For the past four years, I have proudly been attending Oregon State University. It was on the beautiful Corvallis campus during my freshman year that I discovered my passion for the beef cattle industry. I became involved with the Young Cattlemen’s Association which led to mysubsequent involvement with the Oregon CattleWomen in the spring of freshman year. At the time, OCW had an interest in forming a collegiate group together and after getting to know the Oregon CattleWomen, so did I! With the incredible support and leadership from the Oregon CattleWomen, especially from Katherine Jackson, I have had the privilege to found the Oregon State Collegiate CattleWomen, established in November of 2015. To say that becoming involved with OCW has helped shape my college career would be a vast understatement. As a graduating senior in the class of 2017 from Oregon State University, I can say that being an Oregon CattleWoman has enabled me to enhance my time as a collegiate to the fullest experience.

While I grew up in the Willamette Valley, I fell in love with Eastern Oregon at a young age while visiting family in the area. Since I have grown older, I can often be found East of the Cascades in my spare time. I have been fortunate enough to have been gifted a feisty bovine of my own that runs with a close family friend’s small cow-calf operation in my favorite part of the state. When I count my blessings, I count the cow boss twice for looking after my cow and for allowing me to learn by doingon the ranch. After graduation, I hope to begin building a small herd of my own. Here’s to the past, present and future cattlewomen in the Beaver State and across this great nation!

Heidi Gordon
Area Vice President (Southwest)
Heidi Gordon, Area Vice President (Southwest)

Confession:  I used to raise sheep!  How did I get to raising beef cattle?  When I was younger, my dad would help out a local rancher with his cattle and because of that I was able to experience long hours of fun working cows and watching them graze in open mountain meadows.  Iloved every minute of it.  There is just something peaceful and right about cattle (unlike sheep in my opinion).

Enjoying livestock, I knew that I wanted to pursue an agricultural education degree.  I received an AS Degree at Shasta College in Agricultural Science followed by a BS Degree from Simpson University.  For seven years, I worked at Shasta College as the Agriculture and Natural Resources Coordinator, managing their farm while teaching students how to work at and manage a farm, along with team teaching agriculture classes.

I met my husband, Stan, at Shasta College.  He was a full time agriculture instructor and had a herd of cattle.  A year into our marriage, we welcomed a little cattle woman of our own, Taylor Jo.  Two short years later, we were offered an opportunity to move to Oregon and retire his father in his farming operation.  So we moved ourselves and our cattle to Bonanza and have never looked back.

We are currently running a herd of angus based, black hided cattle and farm organic alfalfa hay for dairies and grassy alfalfa hay for feed stores.  To me, the best part of ranching and farming is watching Taylor enjoying this quality of life while she works hard, whether it’s putting up hay or preg checking.

Soon after moving, I joined Klamath County CattleWomen.  I have been actively involved as their Treasurer for three years and President for two.  I am currently serving as the Vice-President.  Concurrently, I am getting to serve OCW as an Area Vice-President and member of the Junior CattleWomen committee.  I feel blessed to be able to help promote and preserve the beef industry while raising a junior cattle woman that loves her cattle herd, a medium rare (on the rare side) steak and has a deep appreciation of our lifestyle.

Leslie Pierson
Leslie Pierson, Secretary

Leslie Pierson, Oregon CattleWomen Secretary, became a member of OCW shortly after moving to Hermiston in 2015. Since then, Leslie has accepted positions with the American National CattleWomen’s Beef Education K-12 Committee and the Umatilla County CattleWomen. She also completed the Masters of Beef Advocacy 2.0 program in 2015.

Leslie earned an Animal Sciences degree in her hometown of Tucson, from The University of Arizona. She is passionate about advocating for agriculture and discovered her love for cattle during summers spent on her great aunt and uncle’s farm in Southern Illinois. Her professional experience includes assisting CAFOs with regulation compliance, chemical sales on dairies across the southwest and marketing for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program. She currently works as a Project Manager for Threemile Canyon Farms, LLC, assisting with multiple livestock operation projects.

Leslie is a proud mother of two young daughters, Grace and Cora; she hopes to instill in them the same passion for cattle and agriculture she treasures.

When she’s not at her day job or wrangling her one and three-year old, Leslie strives to soak up any amount of sunshine and heat the Pacific Northwest grants her. As a Southern Arizonan, sunshine and patio time are in her blood; if she can’t be outside, and the weather permits it, you can bet her windows are open. In fact, windows that don’t open are one of her biggest pet peeves.

Leslie has found more time to read these days and is loving all things Brené Brown, recently started Uninvited, by LysaTerkeurst, and just ordered Rebekah Lyons’s You are Free. Thanks to Amazon, her book collection is ever growing, and she has recently discovered binge TV watching – specifically, Downton Abbey. Probably a few years behind the rest of the world, she’s only just finished Season 3, so no spoilers, please.

To learn more about Leslie, you can find her at many Oregon CattleWomen events, or track her down on social media: Facebook: Leslie.M.Pierson; Instagram: @_lesismor; or Twitter: @lesismor.

Leslie is such an asset to our organization and is a great spokesperson for the beef industry.  Any job we ask her to do, she willingly does it with 100% effort.  We are grateful to have her on our team!

Peggy Biaggi
Peggy Biaggi, Treasurer

I was born in Salinas, CA and moved to a cattle ranch between Sacramento and Stockton at 3 months of age.  I am the oldest of four children. Starting in a one room school district, I attended 3 elementary schools but never moved as the district kept changing schools. I graduated from ElkGroveHigh School and attended the University of California at Davis, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics. I worked part-time in the agriculture statistics department at the college and co-authored a university circular on the meat packing business. Met my future husband, Bill Biaggi, at a Roping Club meeting and we were married between my sophomore and junior year.

We moved to Oregon in 1967 and operated a hay and cattle ranch with partners, Pat and Tom Venable for several years. We wintered the cattle in the California foothills and moved the family down with the cattle from December – May.  The SwanLake ranch sold in 1992 and we moved to a LangellValley ranch in 1993. Bill passed away in 1994 from cancer and I sold the ranch in 2003. Fortunately I have four children, 8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren as family along with siblings and their families. I went to work off the ranch in 1999 and worked for Jeld-Wen, Inc; primarily in the Timbers and Ranches Division until it was dissolved. I retired from Jeld-Wen in 2014.

I learned about cattle market cycles early on in life as I purchased a bred heifer for a 4-H project in 1951 and the pair was worth less in 1952 after the market break. I’ve had cattle most of my life and still own a few cows. Becoming active in the industry after my husband died, I served on the Oregon Beef Council for 6 years, then on the National Cattlemen’s Beef Board for 6 years. During this time I also participated in the Oregon CattleWomen (OCW) and the American National CattleWomen( ANCW) organizations. At OCW I’ve served as Treasurer, President-Elect, and President. Previously, at ANCW I have been Budget Chair for 6 years, Trustee on the ANCW Foundation Board for 6 years, Region V Director for 4 years, and presently am a member of the ANCW Ways and Means Committee.

Peggy isgreat to have in our organization.  She is very knowledgeable and helps keep us going on a daily basis.

Nancy Bailey
Budget Director
Nancy Bailey, Budget Director

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