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Oregon Cattlewomen Officers
Diana Wirth

Diana Wirth, President

Diana Wirth is a fifth-generation rancher. She and her husband Dave have been married for 29 years and have two daughters. Dana the oldest, is currently obtaining her Master’s Degree in Opera Performance. Dayle, their youngest, has been accepted into the Ranch Management Program at Texas Christian University. They reside on their southeastern Oregon ranch outside of Klamath Falls, where they raise Red Angus Cattle.

Diana attended Sierra College and University of California, Davis where she majored in Botanical Sciences and she has obtained her Master’s of Beef Advocacy. Diana serves on both the OCW Legislative and Fundraising committees. She is a proud member of the Klamath County CattleWomen where she has served as President. She is a Lifetime Member of the American National CattleWomen, Red Angus Association and the American Quarter Horse Association. Diana is a member of Miss Rodeo Oregon Inc., and proudly serves on the National Advisory Council to Miss Rodeo America Inc.

Diana sits on three different scholarship committees, is FFA Alumni and has been an FFA Public Speaking, Creed, Horticulture and Parliamentary Procedure Judge. She also dedicates a portion of her spare time to judging Rodeo Queen Pageants across the western United States.

Diana says “The livestock industry is vital to our worlds existence. It’s incumbent upon CattleWomen to support it and work to educate the consumer about its nutritional and economic value to our society. Our rich, ranching heritage and culture is the product of generational dedication and perseverance and it is an honor to serve our community through the OCW.”

In her spare time Diana enjoys reading, antiquing, western art and Native American jewelry, gardening, baking pies, working on the ranch and promoting the beef industry.

Susan Bunch

Susan Bunch, President-elect

Susan Bunch grew up on the family ranch in Durkee, Oregon. Her ranching roots run deep, dating back to 1886 when her great-grandmother came across the Oregon Trail at the age of two. The original family homestead on Sisley Creek near Durkee is still part of the family operation. She is one of the fifth generation to work the land and looks forward to the sixth and seventh generation’s contributions to the ranching operation and the Agricultural Industry.

Susan is a graduate of Baker High School and holds an Associate degree in Range/Ranch Management and Ag Business from Treasure Valley Community College as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Eastern Oregon University in Business/Economics. Her working career spans forty years in the banking field including working as a clerk, Commercial Loan Officer, in the Accounting Department and as a Commercial Credit Analyst. Susan retired from the banking industry in 2017.

Growing up, Susan was a 10 year member of The Durkee 4-H Livestock Club and served on the Oregon State 4-H Delegate Council representing Baker County. She went on to become a 4-H Leader. Susan is a recipient of the Baker FFA Chapter Farmer Award and in 2015 was awarded with an Honorary State Farmer Degree. Susan continues to help support this great organization as an alumni association member.

Susan has always loved the Agriculture Industry and been active in many aspects of it. She is a local, state and national member of both the Cattlewomen and Cattlemen’s Associations. She runs cattle on the family ranch with her mother Jean, her brother Rodd and his family and her sister Cheryl and her family. She also has a small sheep operation located in Union County.

Susan has continued her family’s commitment to service in the beef industry. In 1989 she was a state sub-committee chair for the National Beef Cook-off held in Portland, Oregon. She is a past County President in both Baker and Lake Counties and currently serves on the Baker County Cattlewomen Board of Directors and has been a co-chair for the East/West Shrine Football game breakfast since 2000. In 2015 Susan was also selected as the Union County Ag Woman of the Year.

Susan believes that the decisions we make today must be geared toward supporting and improving the beef industry so that future generations can continue providing high quality beef to the consumer.

Katharine Jackson
Area Vice President (Wast)

Katharine Jackson, Area Vice President (West)

I am a fourth-generation rancher and a proud mother of three children, Bryndon (age 17), Madeline (11), and Garrett (7). I am honored to serve as an Area Vice President for the Oregon CattleWomen. In addition to my home and OCW responsibilities, I currently represent Oregon beef producers on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and serve on the American National Cattlewomen’s’ (ANCW) Board of Directors as a Member at Large and am acting Chair of the Membership Committee. I have served on ANCW’s Awards, Nomination and Long-Term Planning committees, was President of OCW in 2015-16, and in 2013-14 was Klamath County CattleWomen President. In 2017 I was nominated Oregon CattleWomen of the year and in 2019 was honored with the ANCW CattleWomen of the Year award. I see ranch women as a driving force behind ranching families and believe that as CattleWomen, we should work together to promote the beef industry and our way of life.

When not volunteering my time for the beef industry, herding kids or cows, I work as a Long-Range Planner for Douglas County. Before the arrival of our son Garrett, I had a career assisting farmers and ranchers with ranch conservation projects in the Klamath Basin through various public and private organizations. Through my career, I have written grants and managed projects, researched water rights and developed cattle, grazing and long-term management plans. I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources and Ranch Management from Oregon State University and a Master of Science degree in Agriculture from Washington State University.  Born in Yuma, Arizona, I graduated from Yuma High School, home of the Criminal’s. Growing up, we spent the school year in Yuma and summers at the Gerber Ranch in Bonanza, Oregon riding the range moving cows through the Gerber Block.

I am a strong advocate for the preservation of family ranches through Succession Planning, enabling ranch legacies to be passed from one generation to the next. Raising children on horseback teaches them to appreciate the results of a hard day’s work as well as their natural surroundings. There is little that can replace the lessons learned from growing your own food and pulling a breeched calf in order to make ends meet. Ranch kids know that food does not come from the store.

I am an avid reader and full-time mom who enjoys fishing, camping, hiking and traveling. I look forward to brandings and cattle drives with my kids where as a mom, I can provide them tools they’ll need to be tomorrow’s beef producers.

Leslie Pierson
Area Vice President (North)

Leslie Pierson, Area Vice President (North)

Leslie Pierson, Oregon CattleWomen Secretary, became a member of OCW shortly after moving to Hermiston in 2015. Since then, Leslie has accepted positions with the American National CattleWomen’s Beef Education K-12 Committee and the Umatilla County CattleWomen. She also completed the Masters of Beef Advocacy 2.0 program in 2015.

Leslie earned an Animal Sciences degree in her hometown of Tucson, from The University of Arizona. She is passionate about advocating for agriculture and discovered her love for cattle during summers spent on her great aunt and uncle’s farm in Southern Illinois. Her professional experience includes assisting CAFOs with regulation compliance, chemical sales on dairies across the southwest and marketing for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN program. She currently works as a Project Manager for Threemile Canyon Farms, LLC, assisting with multiple livestock operation projects.

Leslie is a proud mother of two young daughters, Grace and Cora; she hopes to instill in them the same passion for cattle and agriculture she treasures.

When she’s not at her day job or wrangling her one and three-year old, Leslie strives to soak up any amount of sunshine and heat the Pacific Northwest grants her. As a Southern Arizonan, sunshine and patio time are in her blood; if she can’t be outside, and the weather permits it, you can bet her windows are open. In fact, windows that don’t open are one of her biggest pet peeves.

Leslie has found more time to read these days and is loving all things Brené Brown, recently started Uninvited, by LysaTerkeurst, and just ordered Rebekah Lyons’s You are Free. Thanks to Amazon, her book collection is ever growing, and she has recently discovered binge TV watching – specifically, Downton Abbey. Probably a few years behind the rest of the world, she’s only just finished Season 3, so no spoilers, please.

To learn more about Leslie, you can find her at many Oregon CattleWomen events, or track her down on social media: Facebook: Leslie.M.Pierson; Instagram: @_lesismor; or Twitter: @lesismor.

Leslie is such an asset to our organization and is a great spokesperson for the beef industry.  Any job we ask her to do, she willingly does it with 100% effort.  We are grateful to have her on our team!

Elisha Miller
Area Vice President (Southeast)

Elisha Miller, Area Vice President (Southeast)

Cheryl Buchanan

Cheryl Buchanan, Secretary

I was born in Baker, Oregon and raised on our family’s ranch near Durkee. I graduated from Baker High School then went on to Blue Mountain Community College where I received my Associate degree in Production Agriculture. From BMCC I went on to a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education and a teaching certificate from Oregon State University.

My love of the ranching lifestyle brought me home to the ranch instead of a teaching job. Shortly after graduation I met my husband Chuck who was working on another ranch in the Durkee Valley before moving on to Ash Grove Cement where he retired in 2017. He continues to help on the ranch. A few months after our wedding we moved into my great-grandmother’s house on Sisley Creek. That house is part of our seven generations strong Century Ranch.

We are a ranching family. My mom, Jean Bunch, is the driving force behind our operation; my brother Rodd and his family and my sister Susan are all a part of the ranch as well. Sister Susan has cattle on the ranch and her own small flock of sheep in the La Grande area.

My great-grandmother traveled the Oregon Trail in 1886 at the age of two; the land that her father homesteaded in 1887 is still a part of our family ranch. We are a cow-calf operation that also supports about one hundred head of sheep. We raise our own hay as well.

I am thankful that Chuck and I have been able to hand our love of cattle and the land down to our kids. We have been blessed with two sons who share that love. Our oldest son Brett and daughter-in-law Makayla, with our beautiful granddaughters Lainey and Landrey, ranch in the Eureka, Nevada area. We run cows with them. Lainey, at almost four years old, is already a hand horseback. Brett and Makayla also own Empire Leather, a custom leather shop specializing in all types of buckaroo and ranch gear as well as personal leather accessories.

Our youngest son Clint and his new wife Justine live outside Madras where they are a part of JSL Angus and Rising JC Livestock. Justine is a Genex rep for that area as well as ranch manager for 2 Sisters Ranch near Tumalo. When not helping with the cattle Clint is a Food Services Coordinator at Deer Ridge Correctional Institute outside Madras.
I have a history with the Cowbelles/Cattlewomen. My grandmother Eunice Smith, mom Jean Bunch, sister Susan Bunch and I have all been Baker County presi-dents as well as chairing numerous committees. At the state level, my grandmother was an area vice president, Mom was secretary for Beverly Loennig and I was secretary for Ann D’Ewart. This was all back when our organization was still known as the Cowbelles and now, twenty-five plus years later, I have returned as your state Cattlewomen secretary. I am honored to help to promote our industry.

Heidi Gorden

Heidi Gorden, Treasurer

Heidi Gorden is the current Oregon CattleWomen’s Treasurer.  She resides in Bonanza, Oregon with her husband, Stan and daughter, Taylor.  Heidi’s background is filled with her two passions:  agriculture and teaching students.  She obtained her A.S. Degree in Agricultural Production from Shasta College.  She then went on to study at Chico State in Agricultural Education.  Before completing her education there, Heidi excepted a position at Shasta College as their Farm Manager (Agriculture/Natural Resources Coordinator) where she worked for seven years teaching students livestock and crop production.  While she was working at Shasta College, Heidi completed her B.A. Degree in Liberal Arts at Simpson University.  She had set out to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and she wasn’t going to let a 70+ hour work week stop her.

During her tenure at Shasta College, Heidi met and married Stan; the college’s Agriculture Instructor.  They worked closely together to make the agriculture program and its students successful while growing their own cow/calf herd.  Shortly after their marriage, Heidi left Shasta College and went on to work at Hawes Farms coordinating school tours.  Their daughter, Taylor graced the scene a mere seven months after leaving her career at the college.

Two years later, Stan and Heidi moved to Bonanza, Oregon to take over the family hay ranch after Stan’s dad had suffered a stroke.  They are now living the dream while growing their commercial cow/calf operation and their haying business that consists of organic and conventional hay.  Stan and Heidi still strive to hire and mentor college students, since helping students grow and succeed will always be a passion of theirs.

Heidi has served on the Shasta County Farm Bureau Board of Directors, Klamath County CattleWomen as Treasurer and President, Oregon CattleWomen’s Scholarship Committee and Chairman of the Oregon Junior CattleWomen Committee along with being a past OCW Area Vice President.  She was humbled when awarded 2020 Oregon CattleWoman of the Year.  Heidi also volunteers with the Klamath Bull Sale and various Klamath Basin youth organizations.  When asked, Heidi would tell you that her greatest accomplishment is raising Taylor while doing her part to assure that her daughter and subsequent generations are able to have a future within the beef industry.

Nancy Bailey
Budget Officer

Nancy Bailey, Budget Officer

I was born in Bend Oregon and raised on a registered angus ranch in central Oregon (Powell Butte). This early upbringing gave me a passion for agriculture, love for the land, and the people involved in agriculture. I was involved in 4-H for ten years in Crook County with beef projects. Iraised my own small herd of registered Angus Cattle for my 4-H project. This project later gave me the funds for my schooling and down payment on our first home.

After Business School I began working for Production Credit Association in Redmond, OR (now known as Northwest Farm Credit Services). After my husband and I purchased a business in Baker City, I transferred to (NWFCS) Baker City Oregon office where I worked for many years. Splitting time with my full time job at NWFCS and keeping up the books for our business and raising a family.

Baker City was a great place to raise our family. My employment with NWFCS gave me the opportunity to work with the Agriculture community in Baker, Union & Wallowa Counties. During that time in Baker City, I became involved in the Baker County Cattlewomen organization – Treasurer for 20 years, Co-Chairing the Shrine Breakfast that is held annually in Baker City, working on many Cattlewomen projects in the Baker area to help promote the beef industry. What a great group of ladies. Many friendships were developed over those years.

After my husband passed away, it was time to return to Central Oregon to be closer to family. I recently transferred back to Northwest Farm Credit Services in Redmond, OR returning to my home stomping grounds.

The best part about being back in this beautiful area is being closer tomy kids and two of my grandchildren that live in Newberg, OR. My other two grandchildren & family live in New Jersey.

I look forward to working with Oregon Cattlewomen Group and getting to know this wonderful group of ladies.